Soh Gallery opened its doors in the Kichijoji section of Tokyo in 1985 as an art gallery dedicated to organizing exhibitions of the works of outstanding contemporary artists.
In 2001 the gallery moved to the Koganei section of Tokyo, where it is presently located.
Soh Gallery mainly organizes exhibitions of Japanese contemporary artists working in a wide range of media from painting and other 2-dimensional work to sculpture, photography, ceramics and sound art in the forms of exhibitions, installations and performance. Adopting the attitude that an exhibition should be an opportunity for the artist to search for new possibilities and directions for the future, we meet frequently with the artists to plan the exhibitions together. This is Soh Gallery’s ideal of the role a gallery should play, and it requires and long-term, working relationship with the artists. Within the context of these working relationships we have produced numerous CDs, videos, portfolios and print editions, etc. We also produce catalogues for the exhibitions and artists we handle.

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TADA Masami / YOSHIZAWA Mika / Toshio SHIBATA / MORIMURA Yasumasa / SUGA Kishio / SHIMA Kuniichi/ Rosaria IAZZETTA / LEE Yunbok/ TASHIMA Hirotsune / ANZAI Shigeo / AJIOKA Shintaro / ITO Makoto / NAKAGAWA Yukio / YANAGI Yukinori / YAYANAGI Go / YAMADA Keiko / YOON Hee-Chang

Print / Portfolio / CD / Video / DVD / Book / Catalog / Playing cards / etc.


2-14-35 Midori-cho Koganei-shi Tokyo
184-0003 Japan
Tel.81-42-382-5338 Fax.81-42-382-5589


1-2-9 Kichijoji-kitamachi Musashino-shi Tokyo
180-0001 Japan
Tel.81-422-27-2240 Fax.81-422-27-2241